About Us

Congratulations! If you made it to this page you are looking for the right company to care for your tree and shrubs. We exist because there was a void in tree care industry. Some companies lack the required skill and experience, others are unreliable, and a few have ridiculous operating costs that become your financial burden. We get it.

From tree planting to preservation to removal and literally everything in between we truly do care for the environment and your trees. Our mission is to provide our clients with top quality tree service in a clean, safe and professional manner at a cost that others can’t match.


The tree care industry changes on a daily basis and so do we. Our continuing education through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) shows our professional commitment. We also host in-house climbing clinics (hyperlink photo) designed to keep our employees safe and on the cutting edge. Our equipment is modern and possibly the most cared for in the industry. We can prove this to you in person. Viking Tree Company offers free estimates, and also provides emergency service if needed. As expected, we are fully licensed and insured.

Our Services

Cabling & Bracing
Lightning Protection
Stump Grinding
Young man kneeling during planting a tree, profession concept
Tree Risk Assessments
Pest & Disease Management (IPM)
Emergency & Storm Response
Crane Service
old oak tree foliage in morning light with sunlight

Our Philosophy

Always understand the big picture before dealing with the small task at hand.

Find a way to perform the work in an environmentally conscious way.

Be creative and likeable.

Execute the job on schedule.

Provide a fair price.

Set the industries standard to which others aspire.

The art and science of arboriculture aren’t universally understood or practiced. Every company will do things a little different. Our advantage is our thought-process. We have performed over 11,000 tree jobs and learned from every single one. Our mental catalog of past jobs will allow your job to be performed in the safest, and most efficient manner possible.


Are you bonded and insured?

Bonding is a phrase that is often used incorrectly. It requires a third party to “insure” that a company is going to follow through on its obligations to the customer. In the tree care industry, a company must be insured. Not all tree companies are licensed and even fewer are certified arborists. As a Maryland Licensed tree expert, we are required to maintain liability and workers compensation insurance which we do.

Are you licensed and certified?

Maryland does require at tree company to be licensed through the DNR. This license is commonly called a LTE (Licensed Tree Expert). Our LTE number is 1970.

Certification is a professional achievement. The industries top achievement comes from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Our certification number is MA-5045A.

How do I make an appointment?

We are available for appointments M-F 8:30am-4:00pm. *If you have a true tree emergency, like a tree on your house, call 443-800-4058 and we will see you regardless of the day or hour.

It important we meet in person to discuss your tree issue. Too often we have been called to a property to give a tree removal quote only to discover that the tree just needs pruning. Talking through this process and visualizing how the tree will look after pruning is better done face to face. Besides, we believe we are fun to talk with!

What happens during an appointment?

We listen. Then we talk through a couple options. We can give you a written quote on the spot. This process usually takes 15-30 min. A few days later we conduct a friendly follow-up phone call or email and can then schedule the work with an exact date.

Do I need to be home during the tree job?

No. We understand your busy schedule doesn’t always coincide with ours. And whether you watch us like a hawk or are 100 miles away, it makes no difference in the quality or commitment to your trees.

How does payment work?

Full payment is due within 30 days upon completion. We do NOT accept credit cards. You can give us payment the same day the work is completed or we will mail you an invoice.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! We love discounts as much as you do. Military and teachers are automatically 10% off. Todd: My wife is a teacher and I am an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran.

Why are you called Viking Tree Company?

We knew you would click on this. We are an independent small group of adventurers who work together as an efficient team. We stick to our values. We work hard and have a spirited time doing it.

What makes you more environmentally friendly than another tree company?

To begin with, we care about the planet. Trees are a key component in the way the planet functions, and Viking is in a position to directly impact this function.

We use a biodiesel blend fuel in our trucks and equipment. Our chainsaws use vegetable oil instead of conventional petroleum-based bar oil. We reuse 95% of the generated wood debris on our jobs for agricultural compost, landscape bedding and firewood. In 2019, we planted 500 native tree saplings as a volunteer effort for erosion and sediment control.

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